Are You Threatened With Foreclosure??

There are lots of responses to the ‘mortgage acceleration’ letter.  Shock, anger, fear and resignation are a few we’ve seen.  My wife and I both experienced foreclosures in the distant past.  My response was resignation.  In my case I’d lost a job and knew I could never catch up, so I did my best to clean up the place and put it on the market.  Somehow I figured I’d survive…this would pass.  I’ll get  a new job and life will go back to normal.

The following is a true story.  I’ve changed her name to protect her identity because I think she did exactly the wrong thing.  When you are threatened with foreclosure its not the end of the world.  Realize this happens to lots of people and that you will get through it.  Please ask for help because there is plenty available.

Brea’s Story

I could tell Brea was stressed.  It came through on the form she filled out on the website.  The information she provided was punctuated with pleas for help.  The time stamp on the form was 3:00 am, just a few hours before I saw it.  She provided her address, basic information on her house and mortgage, as well as an email and phone number.

Her situation sounded dire so I called her number.  Actually, I called several times and always it went to the busy signal.  After a day or so I tried sending an email.  No response.  I tried again.  No response.

Late Friday afternoon of that week I drove 40 miles to look her up in person.  I was concerned that maybe she’d had her internet/phone service cut for failure to pay the bill.  Her comments on my website seemed so desperate.

A young man opened the door, possibly a son.  I asked if Brea was at home.  “Yes,” he said, but she was in bed.  He’d check to see if she was awake.  He closed the door and I waited.  A few moments later Brea answered.  I introduced myself and for a moment she thought, then said “Oh, the real estate investor.”  “Yes” I said.

She was surprised I’d come to her house.  I detected a bit of shock in her demeanor.  Sort of like a ‘deer caught in headlights.’  I told her I’d called and sent emails, with no response.  She began to open up about her problems.  She’d lost her job of 21 years a few weeks before.  She’d been a telephone operator at the local hospital.  Technology displaced her.  She was down to her last $1000.

It gets worse if you don’t act.

Now she was being hassled by creditors calling and emailing her endlessly.  She couldn’t bear to answer the phone or open her email.  Several times she was moved to tears as we talked.  She’d lost her husband a few years before and he would always deal with ‘those a-holes.’  “He considered it sport” she said.

It was clear to me that she was far too emotional to deal with issues as big as the sale of her house.  So, after about 20 minutes, I began to excuse myself.  I noted that she should go back to and download the free ebook “How to Stop and Avoid Foreclosure in Today’s Market.”  I thought it might give her some ideas to use after her initial emotions wore off.

As I started to leave she said “You guys have a great company.”  “Yes,” I said, not really knowing where she was coming from.  She said she had dozens of post cards like mine on her desk offering to buy her house.  She Googled all of them and found numerous lawsuits or BBB complaints against them except for our company.  As I left I thanked her for the kind words.

Get help when you are threatened with foreclosure. exists to help people with real estate problems.  If you are threatened with foreclosure, get help!  Our free ebook, “How to Stop and Avoid Foreclosure in Today’s Market,” is just one of thousands offering help to those in similar situations.  Call the mortgage company and explain your situation.  Trust me, they don’t need or want anymore empty houses.  Recognize that your life isn’t over and that you will get through this.  My wife and I did, and now those financial problems are a distant memory.

Depending on your situation, the AppleTree may be able to help you.
Don’t bury your head.  Reach out for help.
Life will get better.

Fruit from the AppleTree.

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