Ecological Landscaping Part I: Native Plants

When preparing your house to sell, landscaping should be high on your list of improvements. Curb appeal goes a long way to making a house attractive to a buyer. Take a look at your property through the eyes of a potential house hunter. Do your shrubs need to be trimmed back? Could a few low-maintenance … Continued

Dallas, Oregon – Investing In The Future

A couple of years ago, we spent the weekend in Dallas, Oregon and loved it. The town had a warm, small-town feel and the people we talked to were genuine and friendly. One of the things that impressed me about this town is that as small as it is, it offers big town amenities for … Continued

Tiny Homes

Everyone is fascinated with tiny homes. Everyone but me, but I am trying my best to get onto the tiny house bandwagon too. They’re so very, very tiny and  living in one day after day after day would be difficult. Normal living would make it look cluttered and unkempt, all the time. Where do you … Continued

Earth-Sheltered Homes (Part II)

Underground earth sheltered homes are different than earth-bermed homes because they are built below ground level. Since both types involve earth, they share the same design, construction, and maintenance issues. Many people picture underground homes as a cave-like existence but if properly designed, the rooms will have access to light and air and will feel … Continued

Example of an earth-bermed house

Earth-Sheltered Homes (Part I)

Have you ever heard of earth sheltered homes? I read about these in a Mother Earth Magazine about 35 years ago and was intrigued by them. I still am. Bermed houses can be one of two basic types of earth-sheltered houses, in-hill or earth covered (green roofs). Earth can be pushed up against the exterior … Continued

Consider Aumsville, Oregon

Sometimes, I feel like I just have to get away from all the craziness and chaos that life brings. Life gets so busy and simply trying to cope with traffic, crowds, and noise wears me down. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get transported to tranquility! If you prefer a slower pace, getting to know your … Continued

The City That Friendliness Built

I may be biased, but in my humble opinion, Oregon is one of the most versatile and beautiful of all the states. In a couple of hours, you can be at the Pacific Ocean, the mountains, rivers, deserts, lakes or canyons. . . in fact, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll think you’ve died … Continued

All Contractors are NOT created equal

So, you’ve decided on a contractor to do your project. Typically, that’s a big job in itself. If you’re smart, you will check things out as thoroughly as possible. Did you get references? How about checking to see if they are licensed and bonded? Maybe you even looked at some of their previous work.  You … Continued

COVID-19, Selling Your House And The Future

We are presently going through an unprecedented time due to COVID-19. Everywhere we turn, we get to hear about it, like it or not. None of us have any idea as to what our financial future holds. Yes, we absolutely want to stay safe and healthy, but we also want to stay financially sound. One … Continued

Lakefront House For Sale in Lincoln City, Oregon!

There are only so many lakefront houses available. When they’re gone, they’re gone. We now have a beautiful  3-bedroom, 2-bath lakefront house for sale that overlooks the ever-popular Devil’s Lake. This is the Perfect lakefront escape or year-round home and is close to Lincoln City, Oregon with all the beach has to offer. As you … Continued