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Aumsville City Sign with community members on each side.
Welcome to Aumsville (courtesy of Aumsville Facebook Page)

Sometimes, I feel like I just have to get away from all the craziness and chaos that life brings. Life gets so busy and simply trying to cope with traffic, crowds, and noise wears me down. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get transported to tranquility! If you prefer a slower pace, getting to know your neighbors and a having a solid sense of community, Aumsville might be the town for you. Located only eleven miles southeast of Salem, and an easy fifty miles from Portland, you can still enjoy all the amenities that the city can offer but at the end of the day, you will revel in the slow, relaxed pace that a small town is all about.

What do residents have to say about Aumsville?  Aumsville is a great friendly, family community with local farms and churches. It’s next to a highway (I-5) and is only a fifteen-minute drive to Salem. The people care about one other. In times of need, they work together to get each other back on their feet. There is a Saturday market in the summer and a Corn Festival in the fall. They even have a great Skatepark for the kids.

If you’re a hiker, you will love nearby Silver Falls State Park which boasts fourteen waterfalls. Fifteen miles from Aumsville, you will find Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge which is a paradise for bird watchers. Aumsville includes easy access to white-water rafting, road biking, wine tasting, hiking, camping, skiing, the ocean, and the mountains.

Countless fruits and vegetables, free-range poultry and eggs, and organic beef and pork are just some of the advantages of living in the lush, green Willamette Valley. Did I mention that the valley is recognized as one of the premier wine producing areas in the world?

Aerial View of Aumsville showing the town and outlying areas
Aerial View of Aumsville (courtesy of

This growing, friendly town is located in Marion County and as of 2018, had a population of 4,165. The median home cost is $246,800. It rains quite a bit in the spring and winter, but that’s the reason for all the lush beauty. The average commute time for Aumsville, is about 23 minutes. If you feel that your child isn’t presently getting the attention she deserves, you’ll like that Aumsville public schools have about 20 students per teacher.

The following chart compares housing costs for Portland, Salem, and Aumsville:

TownPopulationOverallHousingMedian Home Cost
Housing Cost Comparison

To get a feel for Aumsville, plan on staying in one of the many accommodations nearby and enjoy all that this great little town and surrounding areas have to offer. Drive through the neighborhoods, talk to the friendly people and soak up the unique, Aumsville ambiance.

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