How Bad Do You Want To Sell Your House?

People use investors to buy their property for any number of reasons.  Typically, they want to sell fast but everybody is different, as the following story shows. meets people with different needs every day.  Most have never used a professional investor, so for some, it’s a completely different idea that never occurred to them.

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If you are wondering how to sell your house contact and ask for our free ebook, ‘How Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor Stacks Up Against Your Other Options,’ or go here.   It lays out the cost and a timeline for selling yourself, using a realtor or selling to an investor.  It could help you decide what method is right for you.  If you have time to sell, and want to get the highest price possible, then you might be like Daniel below.

Daniel Wants to Sell His House

Daniel knows he doesn’t want to sell his house fast.  He wants to sell, but he doesn’t want people traipsing through his house.  He’s eclectic with a penchant for art, antiques, Persian rugs (from Istanbul) and working in the yard.  He works about four months a year and makes enough money to pursue his passions the other eight.  In his job, and during his leisure time, Daniel meets lots of interesting people.  So he’s able to find the odd items and cast-offs that attract his eye.  It was through his job that he came upon his house, a beautiful 1928 Cape Cod, high on the west bank of the Willamette River near Portland, Oregon.  His house has incredible potential but needs some serious upgrading.

So I asked Daniel why he wanted to sell me his house.  Well, as with many other people, he’s in a bit of a financial bind.  In the days of no income verification, he could get two loans which he used to finance and maintain his house. Recently he discovered that one of these was an interest only loan for ten years.  Now, he’s having to pay on principle and the payments adjusted significantly.  That’s why he contacted

Daniel’s had his business for nearly 30 years.  He understands his finances perfectly.  And, while he could go out and work another month or two, he’d rather not.  He says he’s lazy and would prefer to cash in now on the equity.  His house is in a neighborhood of $600k-$1.2m houses.  Daniel, and his situation, are very unique for me.  But I understand his thinking and I really appreciate the lifestyle he’s built for himself.  I’m also glad he found me.  All our clients are unique.  Daniel’s just a little more unique than others.

Should I Use An Investor Or A Realtor To Sell My House?

When he came to Daniel had already made the decision to use an investor rather than a realtor to sell his house.  But I helped him change his mind.  You see, he owed a lot of money on the house and he really needed all the equity he could get to buy another.  In addition, his house was in a price range that most people can’t afford.  Only about four houses in his price range sold in the previous year.  Because he needed the highest price he could get, and because there were relatively few buyers in his price range, the best answer for him was to use a realtor.

For those of you who aren’t sure how you want to sell your house, offers the free ebook noted above to help you decide.  If you need to sell but you’re not in a hurry, we’ll work with you on a schedule that meets your needs. provides solutions to many
other real estate problems.

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