Is Your Property Killing You? meets people with different needs every day.  Most have never used a professional investor, so for some, it’s a completely different idea.  One reason we share these stories is to show people the variety of experiences our clients bring.  The story below is true. The telephone conversation literally began “This property is killing me.  I can’t do this anymore.” I scheduled an appointment to see his property and learn more about his problems.

This Property is Killing Me – Marty’s Story

Marty took care of his mom for 8 months before she died.  He moved into the house where she lived by herself.  He helped her in and out of bed, cleaned her, fed her, dealt with her emotions and wanting to die.

After she passed he was left with the house.  The old three bedroom, one bath house hadn’t been remodeled or updated since it was built in the ‘60s.  Cheap modifications made to suit his invalid mom’s needs, and wear and tear caused by the wheel chair, needed to be fixed.  He knew that a complete renovation was necessary to sell for the best price.

In the wake of mom’s passing his six siblings were quick to offer help.  Marty, a retired pipe fitter and union man, started work.  Initially, brothers and sisters bought some materials and delivered them to the house but then seemed to lose interest.

He removed carpets and vinyl, gutted the kitchen, framed and plumbed in a new bath, gutted the other bath, opened walls and ceilings at water damage and repaired roof flashing.  He moved out thousands of pounds of trash and debris.  It was clear to see he was a perfectionist by nature.  He had done excellent work that showed an attention to detail I rarely see in residential construction.  But with the demo done, and the new bath about 70% complete, he developed shingles.

For three months Marty was in terrible pain and couldn’t work.  Now he was broke and getting no more help from the siblings.  In the meantime, he learned a brother took a $93,000 loan out against what was a free and clear property.  It was the last straw.  Marty couldn’t do it anymore.  Even though the place looked like crap he figured someone would buy it.  He had to sell before it killed him.

I’m Desperate – Buy My House!

A quick Google search and he found  And while most clients aren’t as desperate, we do specialize in problems like Marty’s.  If you’ve ‘hit the wall’ and feel like Marty, there is an option to sell fast…consider using an investor.

New house, old house, clean house, dirty house, even half demo’ed houses and houses full of trash.  If your real estate problem just got too big, try calling an investor like AppleTree Group LLC.  If you thought using a realtor was the only way to sell a house, we offer a free ebook ‘How Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor Stacks Up Against Your Other Options.’  It takes you through the pros and cons of selling property yourself, using a realtor, or selling to an investor.

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