Selling a House that Needs Repairs in Portland

Selling a House that Needs Repairs
Do you need help selling a house that needs repairs in Portland? When you have a home that needs repairs its difficult to decide whether to make repairs yourself or to find a buyer who will do the repairs themselves.

Warning – most buyers are reluctant to purchase a house with multiple repairs needed.  And often a buyer won’t be able to get financing for such a purchase.

How to Present it to a Buyer

If you are trying to sell a house with repair issues, here are a few tips:

  • Be honest with the potential buyer about what needs fixing.  Offer them an estimate that you have researched on what repairs will cost. Show them how you have considered the cost of repairs in your asking price.
  • Give your potential buyer a list of contractors you have dealt with along with their contact information. This way, the buyer will think less research is necessary to get started with repairs after they purchase the house.
  • Discuss whether the repairs are important for the welfare or value of the house. Buyers want to know that the house they are considering for purchase will be worth what they pay, or more in the future. If they think the value isn’t there due to the repairs, they will probably want you to come down on the sale price.

When Buyers Won’t Buy Due to Repairs Needed

There are buyers who simply won’t purchase your house if it is in need of repairs. With these types of people you will need sweeten the deal by throwing in extras, such as furniture or cars, in addition to lowering your price. Often realtors won’t list houses that need significant repairs.  They may insist that repairs be made before they will list.

A Great Alternative: Get a Real Estate Investor

The great thing about a real estate investor is that they don’t care if repairs need to be made.  Unlike a buyer, they’re not going to live in the house.  And they don’t have to worry about getting the work done. Often times, no financing is involved and a home inspection can be avoided.

Investors have cash available to pay for repairs.  They know that once repairs are made they can resell the house for a profit. Real estate investors, unlike real estate agents, don’t get a cut or commission of the sale. It is not a career for them. It is a business. They are usually quite familiar with the real estate values and they know how to turn a profit from their purchases.

When selling a house that needs repairs in Portland you need a friend on your side, like a real estate investor who understands how to make the most of your property. They know that every house they buy will require some repairs.  And they are willing to put additional money into your house to make a bigger profit down the road.

Selling a House that Needs Repairs in [market city]: The Goal

The goal of selling a house that needs repairs is to have a successful sale. If you solicit the help of a real estate investor, you will increase your chances of a successful sale every time. They have the capital to invest in your house and can pay you cash, fast. It’s a true win-win situation for everyone.

If you have a house that needs repairs in Portland, call (971) 246-7954 today to get more information about how to get started.

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